Logotipe Ateknea CMYK HU (RGB)ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Ltd. is a Hungarian private research organisation established in Budapest in 2003. Its mission is to boost economic growth and competitiveness by facilitating implementation of innovative technologies. ATEKNEA-H provides services to a broad range of international clientele in the private and public sector and serves the public interest by promoting sustainable development. Currently 21 full-time researchers and several PhD students contribute to their research and technology development activities, and a team of five experienced project managers, functions to facilitate client relations and the take-up of research results. The company maintains extensive partnerships and collaboration agreements with technical universities, R&D organizations and industrial companies Europe-wide, enabling broad expertise to successfully resolve R&D tasks requiring an interdisciplinary background. ATEKNEA-H is an experienced R&D SME in areas related to information technologies, industrial electronics, and automation, as well as environmental technologies. Their mission is to bring expertise to research and development of new technologies and devise methods beneficial for the environment and communities. Their key area of interest and expertise is Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Information and Telecommunication Technologies, and Biomedical and Environmental Technologies information and their application to industrial environments.

Rubin Information Technology Inc.

Rubin_logo_AbRubin’s primary objective is to create customized IT solutions that serve the customers’ business processes and operations in the most efficient and effective manner and to contribute to the partners’ success. Rubin Inc is founded in 1991 and specialized in software development and hardware manufacturing. Rubin has extensive experience in software development and hardware manufacturing enabling them to offer end-to-end IT solutions and services. Main profile of the company: design and implementation of infrastructure management, remote monitoring systems, custom-built software and other real-time, prepaid applications as well as their maintenance with up to 24/7 availability.


Flexible Optical BV

OKO-web_logoFrom its foundation in 1997, OKO manufactures high-quality deformable mirrors at affordable prices. OKO micromachined or piezoelectric deformable mirrors can be seen in many (adaptive) optical labs all over the world. The main objective is building a profitable business in the field of smart optics by developing and manufacturing adaptive and smart optical systems. Main business activities are: contract research and development of adaptive optical systems for industrial and  scientific applications, development and manufacturing of complex optoelectronic systems. OKO’s products and services include contract research and development, manufacturing of custom deformable mirrors and adaptive optical systems, optical measurements, imaging, image sensing and processing.



impactmediaIMPACT was founded in 2003 and operates in the media industry. IMPACT is a full service outdoor advertising company, selling marketing, posting, maintaining and monitoring advertising panels across the bus, rail and roadside environments. From Leaflets up to full building mesh banners, they provide a 1-stop shop for all marketing communication needs, providing services such as graphic design, structural design, manufacturing and fulfilment.



X-Treme Creations op grijsXTREME is an innovative advertising company with a portfolio that includes billboards, street furniture, and any other creative media interface. They provide “extreme” 2D and 3D new media techniques for promotion purposes. Alongside the cooperation with almost all great national and international brands the smaller and medium sized companies are also getting involved. They have the capacity to coordinate all individual steps of production, including design and manufacture. They develop new materials and supply 3Dimensional, inflatable, onepiece, displays with support structures and accessories. XTREME is on the launching site to dominate the European market. They have started a significant investment programme in the billboard advertising sector by offering  their best maintained sites and utilising the latest technology for outdoor displays.


Central European Research Center Ltd.

The Central European Research Center is an independent multidisciplinary research centre with the mission to assist various organizations, mostly SMEs, in developing innovative products by providing competence and expertise in selected fields such as mechanics, manufacturing, electronics and dedicated software design including web based software applications for control systems. Due to its cooperation with local universities CERC is also prepared to participate to cross-discipline research project bringing experts in areas that sit beyond its core areas of interest. It is a young company established by a group of SME owners who have been involved in European projects as end users and as technical companies.


Sheffield Hallam University

shu-logoSheffield Hallam University is one of the UK’s most progressive and innovative universities. The University traces its roots back to 1843, when Sheffield School of Design was founded, and has been recognised as a University since 1992.

They pride themselves on making a difference – to their students, their staff and to the businesses they work with. Their research and business ideas, alongside their sought after graduates, contribute to the economic and social development of both their region and to the UK as a whole. The Geometric Modelling and Pattern Recognition (GMPR) Research Group is part of the Communication and Computing Research Centre, and pursues original and exciting research in geometric modelling and pattern recognition.

Funded by the Regional Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward, and by Sheffield Hallam University, they have developed and patented unique technologies for 3D surface scanning with a single, instantaneous shot.