Since the concept of the project started forming in our heads we have always respected and endeavored to anticipate the EU and national regulations on data protection and video surveillance. During the project development phase and after winning the EU Grant we committed ourselves to abide the governing laws and moreover to investigate the ethical concerns the project might have. Hence we are closely cooperating with three independent external experts:

Ms. Anne Demoisy, Ethical Expert

Mr. Tamás Somlai, Data Protection Law Expert

Mr. Zoltán Alexin, Data Protection Expert

Our key commitments are:

No video recordings: The ADMOS system does not record any video or audio material of the audience. The image processing algorithms operate in real-time.

Fully anonymous: The data recorded of the audience are just aggregated counts, demographic labels (age, sex) and time values. Our system does not perform any biometric analysis to identify single individuals.

Safe: The device is protected against abuse, the statistical data is erased automatically once the housing is damaged.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy don’t hesitate to write us at