FT Digital Media 2015

The FT Digital Media Conference 2015 will explore the radical changes the media world is experiencing across every industry – from advertising, music and publishing to television, film and games.

Through a mixture of interactive sessions, corporate media leaders, selfmade media stars, content creators, tech entrepreneurs, innovators and investors will all offer their take on the next big thing in media – and talk about how these game-changers are creating new opportunities for growth.

• Media Redefined: How are companies across the spectrum competing in the new, up-for-grabs landscape?

• Tech Horizons: Which technologies will fuel the next wave of growth?

• Growth Markets: Where will the digital ambition and talent be fl owing?

• Changing Models: Which business and revenue models have the potential to shake up the media world?

• New Narratives: What does the future hold for digital content experiences and distribution?

• Innovation Insights: Where is innovation happening across media?

28-29 April 2015, King’s Place, London, UK